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Ashleigh Hurd, M.S., CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist
Schedule here for an evaluation to have your child start receiving
Speech and/or Language Therapy

The first step in the process is the evaluation for speech or language, depending on your concerns.  Your child will receive an assessment with your input to determine amount of therapy, target skills, and strengths. 

Speech Therapy

Once the evaluation for articulation is complete, services will begin to improve the targeted phonemes (speech sounds). 

Language Therapy

Once the language evaluation is complete, your child will begin services to target receptive and/or expressive language skills. 


Teletherapy is a growing option for those who prefer to stay home for the therapy sessions.

Therapy Sessions
About Me

My name is Ashleigh Hurd.  I attended University of NC, Greensboro for my Communication Studies and Disorders (CSD) Bachelor's degree and Armstrong State University (now part of Georgia Southern) for my CSD Master's of Science degree.  I have experience in a variety of settings such as private practice, skilled nursing facility, and primarily the school system.

Process to Therapy

We will meet initially to begin the evaluation based on your concerns, including the assessment and your input.  When the results are ready, we will meet to discuss the results and determine how therapy will progress. We will start therapy depending on the evaluation results.  Finally, once goals are mastered and the exit evaluation demonstrates age apporpriate skills, we will have the dismissal party to end services.


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Review Results


Treatment, based on results


Dismissal, when appropriate

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